Tuulia Nurmi

Senior Manager | Indirect Tax

Tuulia Nurmi

Al Sila Tower

Abu Dhabi Global Market Square

Abu Dhabi

United Arab Emirates


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Tuulia has close to 9 years of indirect tax experience, mainly in providing value added tax (VAT) advisory services to several different industries, with focus on financial services. Tuulia joined Deloitte’s Indirect Tax team in Helsinki, Finland in April 2011 and has been a member of Deloitte Middle East’s Indirect Tax team in Abu Dhabi since September 2016.


For several years, Tuulia’s focus area has been the financial services sector. Since arriving in Abu Dhabi, Tuulia has managed several full VAT implementation projects for major local and international banks. In the course of the projects, she has worked closely with the businesses to ensure accurate VAT treatment of the often complex transactions, including structured products, card transactions and Islamic finance instruments. She has assisted the businesses in moving from having almost no VAT knowledge at all to successfully collecting, recovering and reporting the VAT on transactions.

Tuulia has also worked with property development, asset management and fund management businesses, in the course of which she has gained knowledge of the regional practices within these industries. She has previously led several indirect tax projects in relation to M&A engagements within a number of industries, including both vendor and buyer due diligences, and advised on corporate restructurings.

Tuulia Nurmi