Supply chain resilience

A Risk Intelligent approach to managing global supply chains

Managing risk has always been an important part of supply chain management. But the increasing complexity and hyper-connectedness of today’s global business environment is taking the challenge to a whole new level.

In a world where a problem in one isolated region can bring an entire global supply chain to its knees, a business-as-usual approach to supply chain risk simply isn’t good enough. Eliminating all risk is impossible, of course. However, a resilient supply chain can help your company identify and sidestep risks that are avoidable – and bounce back quickly from those that aren’t.

This whitepape provides a framework for identifying and analyzing all forms of supply chain risk. It describes the key pillars of a resilient supply chain – visibility, flexibility, collaboration and control – and offers a five-step approach that can help companies make their supply chains more resilient. It also profiles a number of leading organizations that have put the concept into action.

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