Cultural Diversity at Deloitte

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Cultural Diversity

At Deloitte, there is an expectation that everyone will be provided with the same opportunities to reach their full potential, regardless of cultural differences.

Our vision

Our initiatives are focused on creating a fair community for all people, while also providing opportunities for us to enjoy and celebrate our cultural diversity as a firm.

Deloitte’s CEO, Giam Swiegers, is a key driver of the firm’s Cultural diversity initiative.

"Cultural diversity is about the hard facts. Deloitte is changing. The market is changing. And all of Australia is changing. We have to understand these changes, set procedures in place and where necessary, alter perceptions and behaviours within the firm, in order to have a strong organisation that understands and nurtures all of its talented people."

"Deloitte is, and will always remain, a meritocracy…the Cultural diversity program is about creating a fair environment for all Deloitte people, regardless of background or religion."

Diversity at Deloitte

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