Social Progress Index results 2017, Deloitte Australia


Social Progress Index results 2017

A global view of people’s quality of life, independent of wealth

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Deloitte and the Social Progress Imperative (SPI) are working together to get a global view of people’s quality of life and the wellbeing of society, independent of wealth. The Social Progress Index measures what really matters to citizens – health care, infrastructure, civil liberties – the very characteristics that are the foundation for sustainable societies. Designed to complement GDP, the Index uses societal and environmental outcome indicators to provide an authoritative view across three dimensions: Basic Human Needs, Foundations of Wellbeing and Opportunity.

Learn more about why Deloitte is working with the Social Progress Imperative.

Australian Results

Australia continues to rank highly on the Social Progress Index and is seen as one of the best places in the world to live. 

Australia has dropped to ninth place in 2017, from fourth place in 2016, but it still remains one of the only countries outside Scandinavia in the top 10.

Australia leads the world on access to clean water, secondary education, and freedom of expression; it is the fourth healthiest nation in the world and ranks fifth for access to advanced education.  It has slipped down the Index due to declining levels of levels of tolerance and inclusiveness, relative to other countries in the top ten.

For more details, see the Social Progress Index analysis on Australia.

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Social Progress Index 2017

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