A Directors’ Guide to Integrated Reporting


A Directors’ Guide to Integrated Reporting

Ironically, Integrated Reporting is not really about reporting at all. It’s about integrated thinking, responsible business behaviours and innovation. And telling it how it is.

Executive Summary

In many ways, integrated reporting is really just common sense: organisations can only create enduring value for shareholders if they develop successful and enduring relationships with customers, employees, suppliers and the communities in which they operate.

Business depends on more than financial and manufactured capital for revenue. It also relies on a broader set of resources and relationships or capitals – human, social, intellectual and natural. Integrated reporting asks difficult questions around defining measures of success for each of these resources and capitals, identifying interdependencies and assessing ability to create value.

The Guide looks at

  • The drivers of integrated reporting
  • What integrated reporting is
  • The real benefits that businesses have seen behind integrated reporting.
A Directors’ Guide to Integrated Reporting
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