tracking the trends 2017


Tracking the trends 2017

The top 10 trends mining companies will face in the coming year

The 2017 edition of Tracking the trends takes a look at the trends that miners will face in the coming year and outlines a wealth of potential responses proposed from Deloitte member firms' mining professionals.

Executive summary

Philosopher Friedrich Nietzche—admittedly not the cheeriest of men—was once quoted as saying “There are no facts, only interpretations.” The observation is surprisingly salient for today’s mining executives, whose perceptions of the market are strongly influenced by their particular operational realities.

Companies that mine iron ore or thermal coal, for instance, have an entirely different outlook than those heavily weighted in precious metals. Diversified miners face different challenges than companies with a niche commodity focus. Major producers are planning for a very different future than the one that appears on the horizon of most junior explorers.

These divergent views of the industry’s prospects emphasise a widening gulf in the sector. It seems no longer possible, if it ever was, to discuss the mining industry as a cohesive whole. This largely explains why so many companies are adopting such different strategic responses. Yet, although their approaches to the future will differ, all miners should be asking one common question: going forward, where should we play and how can we win?

The 2017 edition of Tracking the trends explores the top 10 issues mining companies may face. Once again, Deloitte’s global mining professionals share their experiences to help pinpoint strategies companies can take to succeed in today’s ever-changing market environment. This year, we also included a range of case studies to showcase how some companies are bringing new solutions to life.

Tracking the trends 2017

    Tracking the trends 2017: Press release

    For the first time in years, there is a mood of cautious optimism in the mining industry, with commodity prices on the rise, shallow growth returning to different end markets, and most mining companies in better cost positions than in the recent past. However, the industry is still at a pivotal point as it faces challenges from cybersecurity threats, to technological disruption and environmental issues. 

    Read the full press release.

    Tracking the trends 2016

    Our 2016 edition of Tracking the trends explores not only well-trodden themes, but also ancillary themes miners must take into account if they hope to navigate an increasingly uncertain future.

    Tracking the trends 2016
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