M&A recovery... is now the right time to buy or exit?

Private Capital, Making More Possible

After an extended period of conservatism following the global financial crisis, M&A activity has rebounded strongly in the last 12 months – in Australia and globally.

Private equity continues to acquire interesting and growth orientated businesses in the mid-market. The total value of transactions involving Australian companies amounted to $79 billion in August 2014, the highest since 2011.

Buoyant equity capital markets are also encouraging M&A activity. A broad range of sectors are experiencing this IPO activity, including financial services, healthcare and retail.

In M&A, there is a significant focus on the value derived on exit, with stories of high multiples and bidding wars capturing the attention of business owners. But this is only a part of the capital optimisation picture.

This report examines how owners can make more possible – the best outcome is achieved when the buyers want to buy, not when the owners want to sell.

In the end, timing can be everything.

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