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11 May 2016


King Holding Company 1 Pty Ltd
ACN 162 529 384

King Holding Company 2 Pty Ltd
ACN162 530 761

King Bid Company Pty Ltd
ACN 162 530 930

Oakville Produce Group Pty Ltd
ACN 119 179 216

Oakville Produce Australian Holdco Pty Ltd
ACN 162 558 714

Oakville Produce Asian Holdco Pty Ltd
ACN 162 955 857

Oakville Produce Qld Pty Ltd
ACN 071 791 369

Oakville Produce Pty Ltd
ACN 119180004

Lachlan Produce Pty Ltd
ACN 113 179 883

OP Holdco SA Pty Ltd
ACN 127 656 400

Golden Sunrise Produce Pty Ltd
ACN 126 506 303

Oakville Potatoes Pty Ltd
ACN 080 208 671


Vaughan Strawbridge, Tim Heenan and David Lombe




General enquiries
Dany Abouchaya
Tel: +61 3 9233 5188

Media enquiries
Simon Rushton
Tel: +61 2 9322 5562


Insolvency information sheets

Help for workers who have recently lost their jobs
Job Services Australia publication

Taking care of yourself after retrenchment or financial loss
Beyond Blue publication

Background information

On 11 May 2016, Vaughan Strawbridge, David Lombe and Tim Heenan were appointed Joint Receivers and Managers (the Receivers) of a number of entities within the Oakville Produce group of companies (Oakville).

Formerly the Moraitis Group, Oakville Produce is one of Australia’s longest-standing vertically-integrated fresh produce organisations, supplying potatoes and onions. Oakville Produce supplies approximately 250,000 tonnes of quality fresh produce every year from its farms and network of growers across the country to some of Australia’s major supermarkets. With farms and packaging facilities in western NSW and South Australia and additional packaging capabilities in Melbourne and Brisbane, Oakville Produce employs approximately 200 staff.

The Receivers have taken control of the business and operations and are continuing to trade Oakville on a business as usual basis whilst they undertake an urgent assessment of the financial position of the companies and undertake a sale of the business process, seeking offers for a sale as a going concern.

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11 May 2016

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