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Black Ink®

Keeping your clients on track

Black Ink® is a member network of professional, financial and advisory firms. Members have access to a wide range of Deloitte resources to help them comprehensively service their clients’ needs.

About Black Ink®

Black Ink® is an exclusive member network of professional, financial and advisory firms. Members of Black Ink® have access to a wide range of Deloitte resources to service their clients’ needs across a number of specialisations and industries.

Deloitte supports the Black Ink® member network by providing:

  • Black Ink® technical updates and newsletters – we will send you regular newsletters on topical and technical issues
  • Black Ink® website content – accessible to members only, the website contains technical information, articles, alerts, event information and more
  • Networking functions – build relationships within the Black Ink® network by attending seminars and functions
  • Seminars and training – on a variety of topics that can be adapted by request to suit a particular group.

As a member of Black Ink®, we give you support on topics outside your field of expertise, allowing you to focus on your client relationships and core business. We can help you provide a comprehensive service to your clients – you won’t need to send them away because you can’t answer their questions or if you don’t have the relevant expertise.

Join Black Ink® – membership is free, and if you don’t believe you are obtaining any real benefit you can exit the network for free as well.

Contact us for more information.

We respect your client relationships

We understand how important it is for you to keep and maintain your client relationships. Black Ink® membership helps you provide your clients with a comprehensive service. However, sometimes the advice we give might require us to enter into a direct relationship with your client. Where the client agrees, we will keep you informed.

Our approach to fees

We are as transparent as possible as to the fees involved in providing a service to you and your clients. While we are involved in larger, high-profile matters, we are well resourced and able to provide services to all clients regardless of size. Our rates are competitive with other service providers and we are flexible in our approach to costs.

Global reach

Our size allows us to provide an efficient and prompt service and we have experts in every Australian state and territory as well as access to experts in our global members firms.

Member benefits

Black Ink® offers access to a wide range of resources on topics such as tax, superannuation, restructuring and insolvency, workers compensation, forensic services, corporate finance and succession planning. Black Ink® also provides members with access to the resources of the Deloitte network that fall outside the core Black Ink® offerings, allowing you to help your clients across the full range of accounting issues.

Members benefit* from a variety of expert resources, events and views and the support of a global network.

Expert resources

  • Book Black Ink® resources
  • A broad range of reference material, updated regularly
  • Black Ink® newsletters
  • Regular content from Deloitte experts including ATO alerts on tax and superannuation.

Black Ink® website

Accessible to members only, the website contains technical articles, alerts, event information and more.

Networking functions: Build relationships with other practitioners in the Black Ink® team.

Seminars and training

Black Ink® offers seminars and training sessions on a wide variety of topics tailored to the needs of Black Ink® members. These can be adapted on request to suit a particular group.

A global network

Deloitte is part of a global network of member firms comprising 170,000 people in 150 countries. Wouldn’t it be great to have us on your side?

The Black Ink® membership is important to Deloitte; we strive to support your business with excellent value and service.

* Membership to Black Ink® is at our discretion. We may expand the range of services covered from time to time. We will let you know if the services change.