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Capital Optimisation

Making more...

Businesses are under increasing pressure from shareholders and owners to continually optimise the deployment of capital and maximise returns. At Deloitte, we understand what matters to the total investment market and can help you extract a better return on investment.

Global Capital

Making more yield

Global Capital is seeking to deploy capital in long-life capital intensive assets that generate stable, predictable long term cash flows. Yield is fundamental and the ability to enhance investment through further capital deployment via expansionary capex programs is highly desired. Target investments include core transport and energy infrastructure assets as well as large scale commercial real estate.

Australia currently represents the preferred target market for capital deployment. An Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development country with stable sovereign risk is enticing many investors to our shores. Some might argue that we have the “perfect storm” of inexpensive Global Capital combined with governments that are asset rich, currently overladen with borrowings together with an historical under investment in infrastructure is generating significant opportunities for this pool of capital.

At Deloitte we are focused on advising and adding value to Global Capital, and understand the need for efficient acquisition structures whilst helping clients navigate complexity. Deloitte Access Economics’ ability to advise on macroeconomic drivers intertwined with core tax and accounting structuring, diligence, valuation allocation and integration advice is truly unique.

James Riddell
Partner, National Leader - Corporate Finance, Infrastructure M&A

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Capital optimisation | Deloitte Australia

Private Equity

Making more returns

As leverage multiples increase and credit becomes more available, Private Equity has been an active driver of capital markets. But the market has been characterised by high prices for quality assets and with a backdrop of forecast low economic growth in the medium term, Private Equity firms will need to work harder and smarter if they’re to generate superior returns.

Deloitte's Australian Private Equity Group is part of Deloitte’s Global Private Equity practice comprising over 1,500 private equity professionals globally. We work with Australian and Global investors, funds and private equity backed businesses to deliver value across the entire private equity investment lifecycle.

We recognise that private equity backed companies face a unique set of challenges, characterised by not only their ownership and funding structure, but also the lifecycle they follow through the investment period. Our dedicated team work closely with you to provide bespoke business solutions to management teams of private equity businesses - regardless of their size, location or industry.

Steve Woosnam
Partner, Financial Advisory

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Capital optimisation | Deloitte Australia

Private Capital

Making more possible

Improving business and consumer sentiment, continued low interest rates, growing risk appetites and demand for growth by investors has seen corporates increase their willingness to deploy surplus cash. Private businesses that can provide access to new markets or products for corporates are particularly attractive.

Foreign buyers continue to look to Australia as a stable investment environment despite the stubbornly high Australian dollar, particularly as the recent stellar growth in markets such as China starts to slow.

At Deloitte we advise our clients going through transition and change on how to best extract value through solid strategy and execution.

Tony Garrett
Partner, Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory

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Capital optimisation | Deloitte Australia

Government Asset Recycling

Making more options

With the announcement of the Commonwealth’s $5 Billion Infrastructure Growth Package incentive, the States and Territories are now faced with the double challenge of determining which assets should be recycled, but also how that capital should be deployed.

The hurdle the States and Territories will need to overcome, is ensuring their asset selection process (divesting and investing) meets both Commonwealth’s eligibility criteria but also, more importantly, the long term needs of the community, customers and users.

At Deloitte we partner with our clients to design long term solutions for community, customers and users. This includes helping to identify private sector owners who can maximise existing capital and provide greater return for tax payers, but with emphasis placed on long term client results.

Luke Houghton
Partner, Infrastructure Advisory & Contestability

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Capital optimisation | Deloitte Australia

Corporate Capital

Making more growth

Since the global financial crisis we have noticed that cash rich corporates have been underperforming (by factor of 3x), compared to companies with relatively small cash piles, measured either by their quarterly revenue growth or share price performance.

Companies sitting on excess cash reserves are limiting their growth potential and performance, and are faced with a number of strategic choices.

At Deloitte we support companies in re-thinking cash strategy to gain sustainable growth – returning capital to shareholders, investing in organic growth (capex) and investing in inorganic growth (M&A) need to be considered.

Rob Arvai
Partner, M&A Integration

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Capital optimisation | Deloitte Australia

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