How to grow employment in Papua New Guinea?


How to grow employment in Papua New Guinea?

Deloitte and UNDP investigate skills shortages and barriers to hiring in Papua New Guinea.

PNG is often called the land of opportunity.  But how do we fulfil that opportunity?

In late 2016, Deloitte and the UNDP joined forces to ask a simple question - how do we grow employment in PNG? It was soon agreed that to be able to answer that question, more information was required. 

It was therefore decided to conduct a survey of employers in PNG. By focusing on the barriers businesses face in expanding their employment base, and by identifying the skills they require in order to grow their business, it is hoped that this report will provide a useful information base. The aim of this base is ultimately to allow us to return to our original question: how do we grow employment in PNG?

It is Deloitte’s and the UNDP’s collective belief that realising PNG’s many opportunities will require a collaborative and concerted effort by all stakeholders to ensure that the foundations for sustainable economic growth are in place. We hope that this report provides further impetus for such collaboration to take place.

How to grow employment in Papua New Guinea?
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