A more liveable Sydney

What will it take to drive the future prosperity of Sydney - one that is positioned to flourish over the next decade? What role will you play in shaping the future of our city? Imagine a more accessible and liveable Sydney.

Exceptional quality of life and liveability are the pinnacle and privilege of modern day living. ImagineSydney - Live, unpacks liveability in Sydney to focus on a three cities concept - the idea that developing three connected economic centres could make a 30-minute city a reality.

If we get it right, the economic and social benefits of a 30-minute Sydney are significant. The gains from agglomeration, reduced travel time, and infrastructure investments could be in the order of $10 billion per year.

We recognise that getting it right is a big challenge for the community more broadly and explore what government, the private sector and individuals can do to achieve a 30-minute city.

It's time to take the next step in making Sydney a more liveable place.

Explore the 30-Minute City Index and discover how Sydney suburbs currently rank in terms of their accessibility to hospitals, schools, shops, transport and jobs.

How does your neighbourhood rank?

The journey to a 30 minute city

Read perspectives from key influencers on how we can contribute to a more liveable Sydney.


Better ways to a healthy life

Healthcare is an important contributor to wellbeing and an enjoyable life.

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Increasing every day access

Access is key when it comes to retail and a joint approach can help us get there.

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Beyond old school thinking

It's time for new modes of cooperation and thinking - thinking that is collaborative, integrative, and bold.

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Transport to where you'd rather be

The time it takes to commute to work, or to get anywhere, impacts on our quality of life.

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Walk this way for Western Sydney

To realise an activated, liveable and prosperous region we need to think more about pedestrians.

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A 30-minute Sydney

Land planning and connectivity

Two things are key to getting a 30-minute city right: jobs and transport.

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the series

The role of place is paramount to the future of Australian prosperity. And as the purpose of place continues to evolve, shaping the future of our cities will be central to the creation of smart, flourishing and productive communities. The ImagineSydney series sets out to address this through strategies that drive economic and social development in Sydney. It is a long-term commitment and plan to co-create a broader narrative around the themes of Create, Live, Play and Work to propel this state's prosperity beyond the next decade.

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Key Contacts

Nicola Alcorn

Managing Partner, Sydney

Kathryn Matthews

Partner, Deloitte Access Economics

Michelle Mountford

Associate Director, Deloitte Access Economics

About the collaborator

Westpac was founded in 1817 and was the first bank established in Australia. The bank is committed to help realise the potential of Sydney's 30-minute city concept and economic dividend for the NSW economy. As a major financier to the housing sector and infrastructure projects Westpac is supporting innovative partnerships with industry, the social sector and government as Sydney grows.