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Diversity, Inclusion and Leadership

Deloitte offers a strategic approach to diversity, inclusion and leadership. This portal shares research with clients and colleagues.

At Deloitte, we understand how important diversity, inclusion and leadership are to your overall business infrastructure and the experience of your employees. We offer a strategic approach that meets the specific needs of your business, creates sustainable change and leads to a higher-performing workplace.

Where to start

Deloitte has integrated diversity into a broader range of human capital offerings. Whether the issue is workforce planning, M&A integration, strategy execution or leadership development, we offer clients the opportunity to approach diversity from a number of different angles.  

What's our motivation

We know that: Diversity + Inclusion = Improved business outcomes

To meet business objectives, all employees must be provided with the opportunity to meet their potential. It is the combination of diversity and inclusion that makes the difference, and our aim is to help clients eliminate or reduce individual and organisational biases which undermine this connection.

What's our approach

This portal shares research with clients and colleagues. Each month we release our Diversity, Inclusion and Leadership client newsletter based on research in core subject areas:

  • Diversity
  • Gender
  • Flexibility, work and family
  • Discrimination, harassment and bullying
  • Age diversity
  • Disability
  • Well-being, sustainability and CSR.