Litigation in all fields of business law, including white collar crime

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Companies may find themselves drawn into litigation before a foreign court or before a foreign tribunal of arbitration. Deloitte Legal can assist companies with a variety of business litigation needs in many jurisdictions worldwide.

Deloitte Legal litigation practices include generalists in commercial business case law and liability matters, as well as specialists in areas such as criminal law.

Deloitte Legal has an approach that combines deep legal expertise with experienced business advisors. We are qualified to assist businesses with cross-border litigation based on our global footprint, our history of working with local authorities and a deep understanding of the cultural and procedural differences that can complicate the path to resolution.

"Deloitte Legal" means the legal practices of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited member firm affiliates that provide legal services. For legal and regulatory reasons, not all member firms provide legal services.

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Benjamin Lee

Benjamin Lee

Managing Partner, Papua New Guinea

Benjamin is an Audit Partner who works with a wide range of privately owned and operated businesses, publicly listed companies and not-for-profit organisations. Benjamin specialises in providing audit... More

Andrew Harris

Andrew Harris

Partner, Tax and Business services

Andrew has extensive experience as a tax advisor working in Australia, the United Kingdom, Uganda, Tanzania and Papua New Guinea. He has advised clients across all taxes, including international tax, ... More