Contestability: A new era in service delivery reform



A new era in service delivery reform

The commissions of audit at a Federal and State level point to a need for reduction in expenditure and urgent reform in the way services are delivered, planned and funded.

As available funds shrink, the allocation of these scarce resources becomes increasingly critical to the balance of fiscal and social responsibilities of government.

While cost reduction is a key desired outcome of contestability and service delivery reform, it is only one component. At the core of contestability is the idea that services, and the assets that support them, exist to help people and society. The final outcome must always be couched with empathy for the end user and a strong grasp of the service the government is seeking to provide.

In this report, we look at unpacking the jargon and identifying some possible challenges or issues and their implications to help prioritise the most appropriate option(s), whilst ensuring a central focus remains on the client experience and outcomes. 

Contestability: A new era in service delivery reform
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