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Digitising customer service for a Government call centre

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When a ten minute wait on the phone for a government service is standard, you’ve got an opportunity to revolutionise service delivery that not only improves the customer experience, but also saves on cost, resources and provides more satisfaction for staff

A Deloitte public sector team of strategy and operations, digital specialists and economists are supporting the implementation of 40 projects over five years to deliver significant value for a government call centre.

To improve unreliable service standards, wait time, high staff turnover and unsustainable costs to government through transforming a call centre’s processes and structure and enhancing their digital capability.  

After developing a business case with Deloitte Access Economics and completing a strategic review of processes and services, it was agreed that delivering the best value would depend on consolidating four call centres into an integrated model.

This new, integrated model would provide standardised and digitised customer service, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, through a hub-and-spoke model that sees one domestic call centre as the hub, and affiliated call centres across Australia and overseas providing additional hours and services.

Digitising the customer service model placed a heavier focus on using lower-cost channels such as self-help apps and a click-to-chat service option to reduce strain on staff, role duplication and wait time.

With the programme of work extending over five years, the benefits will continue to be seen over the years to come; providing a clear case for service delivery reform as a transformation that enhances the customer experience, internal staff experience, as well as providing great savings and productivity benefits for Government.

The challenge

  • Lower cost to serve through the introduction of digital capability and self-service for customers
  • Lower wait times and minimal plus one hand-offs
  • Reliable and standardised service across all call centres
  • Improved productivity
  • Clearly defined roles and processes within the call centre
  • Improved staff satisfaction and retention through increased variety and complexity in enquiry types
  • Exceed the digital first policy milestone set out by Government
  • Improved perception of government agency through better customer experience.

Snapshot of service delivery benefits

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