Building carbon footprinting services, Sustainability


Building carbon footprinting services

Reducing the carbon impact of your developments

Real estate leaders are undertaking lifecycle assessments of their projects to understand the link between environment and cost, whilst obtaining Green Star points and differentiating their brand.

Traditionally the building and construction sector has focused on reducing in-use carbon emissions associated with cooling, ventilation, lighting and small power from the operation of a building. However, over the lifecycle of a building, the operational emissions can represent just 50% of the total emissions. The remainder comes from the manufacture of construction materials, their delivery to site and onsite works. In addition, further carbon emissions arise from the maintenance of the building such as replacing components, and disposal at the end of its life. By addressing this ‘embodied carbon’, the construction sector can reduce the emissions in the Australian economy.

Deloitte helps developers and organisations with large real estate portfolios to measure the embodied carbon and cost impact of developments and can advise on low carbon options.

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Building carbon footprinting services
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