Cyber security

Empowering the CIO

Deloitte’s new handbook provides a high level guide to thinking and dealing with today’s cyber threats.

The average cost of data breach per Australian organisation is almost *$2.6 million per year – and rising – according to global research.

In its Cyber security – Empowering the CIO handbook, Deloitte has asked questions and provide practical insights into the evolving role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) in managing cyber security threats and solutions. It also offers advice on how organisations can transform redundant cyber security approaches into effective ongoing security solutions.

Case studies from Distribute.IT (a start-up internet –related business) demonstrate how hackers can destroy a business overnight, and global health care provider Johnson & Johnson provides simple steps to developing an organisation’s people and culture security program.

Download the handbook to find out how to deal with potential cyber threats.

Cyber security: Empowering the CIO
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