protecting businesses from cyber-criminals and cyber-attacks


The art of cyber intelligence

Who is protecting your business from cyber criminals and cyber-attacks?

Businesses must be proactive in building cyber resilience as cyber-threats increase exponentially in our digitally evolved world.

Meet our Cyber Intelligence Centre team

Who is protecting your business from the ‘Dark Web’? What stands between its digital assets and gangs of organised crime, hacktivists, malicious mavericks, government and business spies, and in some cases disgruntled employees?

James Nunn-Price our Asia Pacific Cyber Risk leader explains that: “With more than 200 billion connected devices due to come online by 2020, the digital world and its associated cyber threats is increasingly complex. As the threats grow in severity and sophistication it’s becoming more and more difficult for businesses to keep up.” 

James adds: “By operating a network of 20 shared Cyber Intelligence Centres globally, Deloitte is delivering unique insights by combining local and global threat intelligence at economies of scale that individual businesses cannot readily achieve.” 

He adds: “Cyber risks cannot be completely eliminated, but the threats can be actively managed.”

A Day in the Life of our 24/7 Cyber Intelligence Center (CIC)
From the inside looking out

The Australian team of Deloitte Cyber Intelligence analysts are on hand 24/7 to proactively monitor clients’ IT infrastructure, determine the risks, cluster terabytes of data, and anticipate and help prevent cyber-criminal’ attacks. If a cyber-attack does occur, the team is also ready to implement fast, effective response to contain the attack and ensure measures are in place to help build resilience to any future attacks. 

Celeste Lowe, CIC Operations Director explains that no day in the CIC is ever the same. The team “could be following an ‘exploit’, which might be some malware, or a piece of code written to take advantage of a vulnerability or ‘hole in a system’ of a client. Criminals might also be actively seeking to plant some malware to return later to look around or even to bombard the network and bring it down – so creating a denial of service. Our job is to be vigilant, to help our clients be more secure and resilient." 

James said: “The (Cyber Intelligence Centre) subscription service is all about creating cyber security by being vigilant and better able to build cyber resilience. We help protect our clients through anticipating and monitoring threats, managing and advising response.”

Watch our video to hear from our Cyber Intelligence analysts themselves and how they set about protecting your business from cyber-crime.

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