A Directors’ Guide to Integrated Reporting


Work Health and Safety Training Programs

Building safety risk intelligence and outcomes

Failing to provide adequate work health and safety (WHS) training is one of the major underlying causes for organisation’s and their people being prosecuted and systems not being successfully implemented.

Our WHS training programs are designed to:

  • Reduce worker’s tolerance to WHS risk  by introducing the concepts  of legal and  personal accountability
  • Provide credible, authoritive and current information on major hazards and control strategies to protect both workers and your organization
  • Promote safety management system  and behavioural change as to the two key drivers for sustainable injury prevention.

In this Guide you will find a range of innovative and practical courses that are facilitated by Deloitte’s experienced and qualified professionals.

Many of our clients request us to tailor and customise our courses for their needs.

Work Health and Safety Training Programs
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