Carbon and energy advisory and assurance, Sustainability


Carbon and energy advisory and assurance

Carbon and energy policies have been an area of constant change in Australia and this is set to continue.

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As the policy landscape changes, organisations should focus on ensuring compliance as well as reducing emissions and energy use to best position organisations to respond to local policy changes and the global trend toward a low-carbon economy in the future.

We can assist clients make sense of the changing landscape of carbon and energy policy in Australia through:

  • National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (NGER): Our deep understanding of the NGER requirements means we can assess and improve your emissions and energy reporting process or provide assurance over your regulatory reporting
  • Emission Reduction Fund (ERF) and Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI): We can assist you navigate the requirements of the ERF and CFI by providing advice relating to project establishment and assurance over your reporting
  • Emissions and energy technical advisory: Our deep understanding of emission technologies and methodologies means we can assist you in identifying emission and energy reduction opportunities and help you develop your business case
  • Carbon, energy, water, waste foot-printing: As more stakeholders are interested in your environmental impacts, we can assist you to develop reporting processes, KPIs or provide assurance over your data in accordance with globally accepted frameworks.


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