Cyber check


Cyber check

Discover your weaknesses before attackers do

Cyber attackers are continuously searching for businesses with vulnerable online assets. To reduce your exposure you must discover your weaknesses before they do.

About Cyber Check

To protect your businesses critical, online assets you need to assess and verify your vulnerability and exposure to cyber threats relevant to your business and take a pragmatic approach to increase security.

Our Cyber Check team run regular light-touch vulnerability assessments, scanning your entire organisation’s technology systems and processes to help identify new and existing weaknesses and map corresponding impacts to your business. In addition, Cyber Check offers penetration testing and customised Red Teaming exercises that will go as far as hackers would to try and gain access to, or compromise your system.

With a clear picture of your vulnerabilities and potential impacts, Cyber Check provides clear recommendations for remedial actions to strengthen your cyber defences.

Cyber Intelligence Center service solutions:

Deloitte’s comprehensive Cyber Intelligence Centre integrates leading technology with the experience and knowledge of our cyber security analysts to provide you relevant business intelligence to help protect your organisation against cyber threats. Discover more about the Cyber Intelligence Centre.

Deloitte Cyber Intelligence Center

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