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Growth strategy

Growth, Strategy and Innovation

We help clients establish their growth targets, determine the best sources of growth, design the optimum growth portfolio and assist in the execution of their growth strategy.

It’s hard to recall a time when business strategies evolved and emerged more quickly than they do today. Whether pursuing new growth, delivering the latest innovations or entering new markets, organisations have to be agile to stay ahead in designing effective new business strategies.

That’s where Deloitte excels. Our strategy practice is used to taking on the toughest business challenges, with a combination of strategy-level insights and real-world pragmatism which has been earned at the front lines of business and government, across a range of sectors, and around the world. We know how to help our clients create executable strategies that help organisations quickly and practically take advantage of new opportunities while managing risk.

Growth, Strategy and Innovation

Strategy setting

Corporate, business unit and market entry strategy

Revenue growth is a core driver of shareholder value, however market volatility and changing customer preferences make it challenging to grow year after year. At different stages of an organisation’s and market’s lifecycle, profitable growth may require different strategies.

Deloitte’s strategy practice works with clients to deliver growth. We work with clients at a variety of stages of organisational development (start up through to maturity) and in markets at different stages of evolution. We help our clients to prioritise growth opportunities and develop pragmatic plans to deliver profitable growth.

We help our clients to grow through services such as:
  • Developing adjacent growth strategies – helping clients to select new products, new business models and grow in new adjacent markets
  • Identifying new businesses to launch – determining new capabilities and new market opportunities for clients to capture, often requiring disruptive innovations in existing or new markets
  • Defining international and emerging market strategies – highlighting new international markets to grow into and the optimal entry strategy.

Strategy execution

Mergers and integration

A successful transaction is not just about picking which deals you go for. It is also about how best to navigate the transaction journey from start to finish - and the finish line is only reached once the deal has realised the value that was promised or committed to up-front.

Whether you are buying or selling in a transaction, the Deloitte Mergers and Integration professionals have the experience and knowledge to become your 'Deal Navigator'. Our strategic advice supports you in resolving the key questions related to each stage of the deal journey and we will work with you until the deal value has been realised.

Operating model transformation

Strategy is nothing without execution. Translating the boardroom strategy into reality requires the careful orchestration of people, process, technology, and consideration of the impacts on every aspect of an organisation's operations.

Operating models are a clear representation of how an organisation’s components are configured and how they function together to execute its strategy. A central feature is the model’s ability to communicate to internal and external stakeholders, either how the organisation currently works, or will work in the future, and lay out precisely how and where the strategy of the organisation will be executed.

We guide our clients through the complex process of translating their strategic intent into practical reality through the development of targeted operating models using a structured approach and well-proven methodology.

Cell-based performance management

Our cell-based performance management framework was initially applied within Deloitte, generating impressive growth outcomes as outlined in The Granularity of Growth1, a book in which Deloitte Australia was highlighted as a case study in executing growth.

The cell-based performance management framework drives sustainable growth of the core business by treating organisations as a set of small communities. It acknowledges that they are all at different stages along the growth journey, and should be managed according to their unique needs.

Deloitte advises clients on how cell-based performance management can help them address four key priorities critical to promoting and managing growth:

  • Helping identify the natural ‘cells’ in a business and providing high-definition data to create clarity, accountability and transparency in relation to performance
  • Designing specific strategies in the form of ‘growth staircases’ that articulate the key capabilities that each cell must develop, as well as setting out a sequence for broadening and deepening these capabilities
  • Hardwiring these strategies into cells through progressive Key Performance Indicators and tools to monitor and manage cell performance
  • Providing the tools and processes to actively manage the portfolio, driving clarity of investment, divestment and outsourcing decisions.
Cell-based performance management