Indirect tax technology solutions


Indirect tax technology solutions

Finding indirect tax cash savings can involve detailed analysis of very large volumes of data, and requires a good grasp of indirect taxes from systems and business process perspectives. Our Technology solutions experts have the background and the tax technical expertise to help you capture savings through all stages of the full 'record to report' tax cycle.

Input Tax Accelerator®

Out innovative methodologycould provide a one-off cash injection for your business

Input Tax Accelerator® has the potential to unlock cash flow and provide a significant, one-off cash injection to a business.

Learn more about Input Tax Accelerator®, and how it can help your business.

Competitive edge: Indirect tax cash-flow opportunities

Many opportunities to capture indirect tax cash savings involve detailed analysis of very large volumes of data and an in-depth understanding of indirect tax systems, and how they are managed by business.

Learn more about Competitive edge: Indirect tax cash-flow opportunities.

Indirect tax cash-flow opportunities

Join the data revolution | DTect®

Your data is more than just information.

When it’s filtered and analysed using a sophisticated data interrogation tool like Deloitte’s DTect®, your data can provide valuable insights into your business.

Learn more about DTect®, and how it can help your business.

DTect® | Join the data revolution

Financial Acquisitions Testing

The financial acquisitions threshold test or FAT test has become a standard menu item for all GST audits. If you don’t know your FAT risk profile and you don’t have a FAT management program in place then this is a potential risk area for your business.

Learn more about the Financial Acquisitions Test.

FAT testing

Indirect tax

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