Media consumer survey 2015


Media Consumer Survey 2015

Australian media and digital preferences – fourth edition

This fourth edition of Deloitte’s Media Consumer Survey provides a current snapshot of how Australians are consuming different media and entertainment, using technology and devices, interacting with social networks and responding to advertising.

Deloitte’s survey reveals attitudes and behaviours, reporting on how they have changed over the past four years and considers the future.

In this year's report we consider: 

  • How we like to be entertained
  • Our preferred technologies and devices
  • How we use social networks 
  • The renaissance of books, magazines and news
  • Where advertising fits.
Media Consumer Survey 2015

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Media consumption behaviours: trends that will influence how you engage customers

Read the article to learn how these changing media consumption trends will influence how you engage customers.

Posted 3 September 2015 by Nicola Alcorn and Jeremy Smith.

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