Technology Strategy and Architecture


Technology, Strategy and Architecture

Only Deloitte Technology, Strategy and Architecture has the technological expertise and understanding of business realities to maximise competitive advantage from both emerging and legacy technologies. We partner with our clients to apply creative thinking to complex business challenges, turning disruptive technological threats into commercial opportunities.

Technology, Strategy and Architecture offers services across seven key areas:

  • Tech-Enabled Innovation
  • Technology Strategy
  • Technology Business Management
  • Enterprise and Solution Architecture
  • Cloud and Infrastructure
  • Technology Sourcing
  • IT Mergers & Acquisitions.


Tech-Enabled Innovation: Rapid advances in technology are enabling new business opportunities and disrupting current business models. Our technology enabled innovation services are focused on two distinct objectives: building an innovation capability for CIOs and enabling CIOs to identify disruptive business opportunities through a combination of new technologies. We help CIO’s build innovation capabilities by working with our Singularity University partners and Doblin practice and our Tech Futures programs (e.g. Kick Start a Start Up) to design and implement an innovation program and pilot them. We help our clients realise the potential of innovation by working with them and their business partners to apply technology enabled innovation from initial strategy and market scanning through to solution architecture and implementation, and then apply those insights to helping deliver specific innovation-led solutions that lead to valuable business outcomes.


Technology Strategy: Businesses are being disrupted by technology — for better or worse. Our Technology Strategy offering supports CIOs/CTOs and the board to set the agenda to positively apply technology to transform their business. We provide insight for organisations in each industry and sub-sector, along with the resources to lead transformation and large PMO programs that set technology direction and align the operating model with the changing demands on the organisation.


Technology Business Management: We believe an IT organisation can only deliver effective services if it has effective suppliers, effective service management capabilities, and effective spend controls. And more importantly, when these three disciplines work together, the incremental value to the organisation is immense. Our Technology Business Management offering helps organisations increase the value they derive from technology through effective design, management, and governance of technology supply chains, technology operations, and technology finance.


Enterprise and Solution Architecture: Given the new reality of exponentially increasing capacity requirements, IT organisations are thinking about their architecture needs in innovative new ways. Deloitte’s Enterprise and Solution Architecture and Application Rationalisation professionals have deep experience assisting organisations in setting up and maintaining architecture functions. We help in developing detailed solution architectures, providing targeted cloud-related services, and providing governance and technical leadership to enable the delivery of complex and major technology programs.


Cloud and Infrastructure: Our expertise spans the entire technology stack, from applications to infrastructure.  We design architectures and build technology solutions to translate strategic business decisions into an organisation’s technology foundation. We identify emerging technology trends that are relevant to business and shape end-to-end solutions through key strategic partnerships.


Technology Sourcing: Today’s information technology landscape is more complex than ever, and the cost to maintain it continues to climb. Deloitte’s Technology Sourcing offering helps organisations drive better value and service from third-party IT services. We help you develop clearly defined sourcing strategies as well as transition management from incumbent to new suppliers.


IT Mergers & Acquisitions: Mergers & Acquisitions transactions are a complex puzzle affecting people, process, and technology. Deloitte’s IT Mergers & Acquisitions offering addresses all three by helping you integrate legacy technology operations and build a bridge between the completion of due diligence and Day 1 end-of-process. Working with Deloitte’s Corporate Finance teams, we support organisations undertaking merger or divestiture activities that require rapid, business-focused assessments of the target business’s technology systems.

Technology Strategy and Architecture

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