Deloitte Greenhouse Insights


Deloitte Greenhouse Insights

Deloitte Greenhouse SEA methodology and approach is designed with strategic innovation and corporate foresight, to help clients achieve breakthroughs.

The Deloitte Greenhouse Experience – Behind the Breakthrough

Our Lab Formula

Each experience is tailored to address your toughest business challenges through thoughtfully designed Labs. Our Labs use a three-part method to engage participants not only intellectually, but also physically and emotionally.


  • Designed to produce moments of impact
  • Define the purpose
  • Set the context
  • Frame the issues
  • Engage multiple perspectives
  • Create an immersive experience


  • Right mix of visual and high-touch ingredients
  • Design thinking and human-centred innovation
  • Lean methodology
  • Professional facilitation


  • Out of business-as-usual into a consciously designed environment
  • Dynamic room configurations
  • Immersive visuals
  • Holistic sensory activation
  • Emerging technologies

Science behind the Greenhouse

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