Customer-Centric Innovation Lab Case Studies

Case studies

Customer-Centric Innovation Lab Case Studies

We help clients transform their customer value proposition through rapid prototyping and hypotheses testing. Participants take away a formulated set of customer-centric strategies for their processes, products and/or services.

Learn about how we have helped our clients solve their business challenges and the specific ways they have benefited from working with us.

Case 1: Innovating financial management processes for SMEs

The Challenge: A Singapore statutory board needed fresh ideas to encourage SMEs to use strategic financial management to grow their business.

They got inspired – exploring the trends affecting SMEs across different categories (Emerging Technology, Social, Economic, Political, etc.).

They got creative – brainstorming ideas along Deloitte’s 10 Types of Innovation framework (Finance, Offering, Delivery, Processes, etc.).

They got focused – prioritising 11 strategic opportunities, evaluating resources, barriers and approvals required to go-to-market.

The Output: A clear customer value proposition with a three-phased approach to creating a distinctive interaction for SMEs and to create behavioral change.

Case 1

Case 2: Transforming perceptions of logistics industry

The Challenge: A client from the logistics industry wanted to transform the perception of logistics service providers as vendors to trusted partners of their customers.

They got engaged – hearing about the logistics trends and growth opportunities in Southeast Asia as the region shifts from a manufacturing centre to a consumer market.

They started sharing – leveraging each other’s experience and best practices to understand how different companies took advantage of free trade agreements and logistics service providers to maximise return on investment.

They made plans – reviewing their current operating model and prioritizing critical areas of improvements.

The Output: A validation and refinement of the value added services logistics service providers can offer to help customers accelerate their growth plans or defray operating costs to protect margins.

Case 2

Case 3: Innovating experiences for customers in the media industry

The Challenge: A corporate incubator in the media industry wanted their top entrepreneurs to gain a better understanding of the importance of innovating experience in the marketplace.

They got informed – being introduced to the concept of “Customer-Centricity”, “Outside-In Innovation”, and why these matter in an increasingly sophisticated and consumer-led marketplace.

They got thinking – having re-considered the experience each start-up was creating, their customer’s personas and how they might innovate their customer’s experience journeys to increase conversion and stickiness.

They got innovative – applying the concepts and tools learnt to build better end-to-end experiences for their customers.

The Output: A deeper understanding of what it means to be customer-centric in their business strategy, with each start-up devising tactics to innovate end-to-end customer experience.

Case 3

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