Strategy Lab Case Studies

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Strategy Lab Case Studies

We help clients achieve executive transformation aligned on the vision for change and on their business end goal. We think about strategy as a set of choices which positions their company for differentiation, innovation and (new) growth. Participants take away defined areas of focus, prioritised list of change initiatives, and confidence in their team’s alignment to execute.

Learn about how we have helped our clients solve their business challenges and the specific ways they have benefited from working with us.

Case 1: Planning for a future state

The Challenge: The leadership team of a public sector client needed to visualise and align on their future state, and brainstorm new initiatives for the next 5 years to accelerate their transformation plan.

They envisioned – visualising the future state user journey that would provide a quantum leap in experience.

They brainstormed – creating new digitally-led initiatives that would carry their future state into reality.

They mobilised – prioritising an action plan with key timelines for the implementation of each initiative, and made commitments to accelerate organisational transformation over the next 5 years.

The Output: Agreement on the future state user journey to guide their strategy and transformation over the next 5 years, and a clear action plan with timelines for the implementation of key initiatives.

Case 1: Planning for a future state

Case 2: Envisioning new strategy for global manufacturer company

The Challenge: A global industrial products manufacturer needed to chart a new channel strategy in APAC region by increasing geographical coverage and shortening delivery times.

They got informed – studying the current state through a gallery walk of the market situation in various APAC countries.

They got focused – defining their channel strategy using Deloitte’s Strategy Cascade framework on where to play, and how to win in each market, identifying capabilities, resources, processes and systems needed to achieve the growth. They also assessed their maturity against basic vs superior channel capabilities.

They got innovative – brainstorming non-traditional ways to achieve exceptional returns on investment, and prioritised top opportunities against a 5-day, 5 week, 5 month plan.

The Output: A better understanding of the current market condition, tailored go-to-market strategies for each market in the APAC region, and clear commitments to move forward.

Case 2: Charting new horizons in the APAC region

Case 3: Defining strategy roadmap for sustainability NGO

The Challenge: A sustainability NGO wanted to develop a new vision for the organisation and define a strategic roadmap for the next 5 years.

They got informed – studying the latest trends in environment and sustainability in Singapore and the region.

They got focused – looking at future trends and defining a new vision for the organisation, identifying their key stakeholders and defining their role amongst each group.

They made plans – identifying the top 5 initiatives for each stakeholder and the milestones to be achieved over the next 5 years.

The Output: A new vision, and 5-year roadmap with clear commitments to move forward.

Case 3: Paving the way to new vision and strategy

Case 4: Analytics for sports performance management

The Challenge: A national sports institute needed to leverage analytics to elevate and support its talent development and performance management policies and strategies.

They got engaged – looking at real-life application of analytics in a niche area they were considering and the impact it had on talent development and policy shaping.

They got informed – with feedback and insights from Deloitte’s Analytics subject matter experts who emphasised the importance of a defined strategic objective(s) and an information strategy.

They got aligned – working together to identify and prioritise key success factors, addressing key internal challenges and putting together an action plan for the next 180 days.

The Output: A clear understanding of what was needed to execute on their vision and an articulate roadmap detailing what should be achieved over the next 5 days, 5 weeks and 180 days.

Case 4: Analytics for sports performance management

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