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Impact Labs

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You want to increase your organization’s positive impact on society, but in ways that really make a difference. How can you achieve this, while also aligning with your overall corporate strategy? And can sustainability and social initiatives actually improve your profitability and growth?

Impact Labs
The Hub, in collaboration with the Deloitte Greenhouse launches Impact Labs – highly immersive workshops in which corporate leaders formulate strategies to improve their organization’s social impact. The Lab is targeted at sustainability teams and business leaders from organizations that are committed to making a real impact.
Using specialist facilitation techniques and subject matter expertise, the Impact Lab helps teams surface ideas that increase the organization’s impact to society while adding to the bottom line.

Uncover Opportunities
You will identify new, untapped opportunities for social and environmental initiatives and implement a culture of social innovation and sustainability in your firm. The Lab will expose you to emerging trends and insights in sustainability and social innovation, and help you discover ways to collaborate with startup, tech, and social impact communities. With a clear vision of how sustainability initiatives align with your firm’s strategic vision, you will be able to inspire leaders and high performers across the organization to get involved.


  • Learn about emerging trends, opportunities and best practices in the social impact space
  • Surface better ideas through specialist facilitation and design thinking techniques
  • Better showcase, report and communicate your current sustainability and social impact initiatives
  • Pursue sustainability and social impact in a way that drives value
  • Strengthen individual purpose, team dynamics and impact and sustainability-based knowledge
  • Drive collaboration, forge partnerships and connect with innovators