What's your Deloitte?

Work isn't everything.

While we may work hard, we know that work isn’t everything. We also know that work-life balance is important to you and we respect the need for a balance between work and your personal and social needs. Through our work-life integration programme and flexible working conditions, we offer various initiatives to integrate personal interests into your schedule.

We’re big into sports and have a variety of sporting activities for you to choose from throughout the year, ranging from competing in the ISCA Games and Corporate Community Games to our Inter-departmental Games and the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge. But we’re also all about having fun and making friends at our regular movie nights and staff parties and you can also benefit from our ‘U@Deloitte’ program which includes flexible work arrangements and wellness activities.

Work isn’t everything. There’s always something happening at Deloitte where friendly and like-minded people get together to unwind, make new friends and enjoy life.

What's your Deloitte? – Deloitte SEA

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