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Meet Thein Lin Tun, a Tax & Legal professional, a dad and an ardent traveller making connections at work and at play.

Thein Lin Tun

Manager, Tax & Legal,
Deloitte Myanmar

The one thing that I am passionate about outside of work is travelling. Travelling has the power to disconnect me from my daily routine as a professional in Tax & Legal. I get to reset my mind, make new memories and boost my confidence.

Being a manager at Deloitte, I handle a portfolio of corporate clients in a diverse range of industries to ensure our deliverables meet the client’s expectation. I’ve been with Deloitte for 3 years. I feel blessed with the opportunity to work virtually with colleagues from other offices on various projects as well as to participate in workshops and training from across the region. This opportunity has allowed me to connect and establish work relationships and meaningful friendships with other Deloitte colleagues from different countries. Being curious by nature, I always enjoy conversations with my foreign colleagues. Their stories about their home countries, culture, food and the best places to visit always keeps me intrigued. I make mental notes of their stories that have sparked my interest and add them to my list of countries to travel to next.

My travels give me valuable insights – I understand myself a lot better, learn about my likes and my strengths. For me, maintaining work-life balance and following my passion outside of work help reduce stress, prevent burnout in the workplace and increase my productivity. I always come back from my travels refreshed with renewed energy that ultimately, adds value to the work that I do.

Having a vision, seeking inner growth, and reflection are my guiding principles in integrating my personal and professional life.

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