Future of Food: Singapore's role within the growing urban food ecosystem

Turning limitations into strengths

Urban growth, escalating food prices, changing consumer preferences and accessibility to nutrition are increasing attention on how cities feed their inhabitants.

This paper will address the growing importance of the urban food systems globally by highlighting the key drivers of adoption, technology and evolving consumer preferences. We will explore how Singapore has sought to optimise regulations at the policy level, encourage innovation and facilitate business growth thereby offering an avenue to elevate the urban food economy in the wider region. An urban food ecosystem will never feed the world; however, it will vastly improve the resilience of cities by diversifying food sources and contributing to the sustainable management of natural resources. The benefits to our cities are beyond just food security.

To find out more about strategic partnerships within the urban food ecosystem read about New Wilmar-NUS joint lab to drive innovation in food-tech and sustainable biochemicals

To learn more about the robust corporate innovation ecosystem read about Yeo's, Oatly in S$30m tie-up to produce oat drink for Asia in Singapore

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