The SEA CFO Agenda

Five imperatives for the new normal

This 2020 pulse survey explores the latest thoughts and actions of Southeast Asian CFOs.

As we approach the last quarter of 2020, Southeast Asia (SEA) CFOs continue to find themselves in an unprecedented and challenging position given the ambiguity and uncertainty over global economic climate and recovery. Through our interviews with SEA CFOs across different industries in the second quarter of 2020, we have garnered a deep understanding of the pressing issues affecting CFOs and how they have dealt with the crisis.

In this latest Deloitte SEA CFO Agenda report, we have identified five imperatives that SEA CFOs face in navigating the new normal. Specifically, we will examine some of the new realities that have emerged, and the actions that SEA CFOs are considering – or perhaps should consider – to address their top-of-mind issues along the following dimensions:

  1. Reimagine and adapt business models
  2. Invest in digital transformation
  3. Rethink the future of work
  4. Increase risk and cyber resilience
  5. Restructure to stay relevant and seize M&A opportunities

About CFO Surveys

The SEA CFO Survey tracks the latest thoughts and actions of Southeast Asian CFOs. This “pulse survey” is a mechanism that provides CFOs a means for them to check their thinking against that of their peers on the top issues keeping them awake at night.

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