Asia Pacific Data Localisation Guide 2023

A comprehensive guide for businesses in the Asia Pacific region

In efforts to control the dissemination and use of local information in an increasingly connected digital world, nations around the globe – including in the Asia Pacific region – are requiring that certain data originating within their borders stay within their borders, or that a copy remain within jurisdictional boundaries. Others are considering such legislation as well. To comply, organisations may need to localise the processing, storage, analysis, and all other uses of the data they collect.

Localising can have a positive effect: it can help protect data privacy and improve data security. But data localisation can also pose challenges, not only to compliance but also to simply doing business.

Adding to the complexity is the fact that each requirement is unique. The resulting legislation patchwork can be confusing.

To help businesses and compliance specialists understand the nuances of existing laws and anticipate those under consideration, we’ve compiled the Deloitte Asia Pacific Data Localisation Guide 2023, a compendium of data localisation laws, regulations, amendments, and requirements as well as proposals.

For each mandate we provide:

  • Overview and summary, including its status (approved or pending)
  • Applicability: to whom it applies
  • Types of data to which it pertains
  • Specific requirements
  • Penalties
  • Exemptions
  • Link to the full regulation.

We hope the guide will prove valuable to organisations navigating data localisation requirements across the Asia Pacific region.

Asia Pacific Data Localisation Guide 2023
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