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Your biggest risk could be you

May 2017 Part I

Hunting in the Cyberspace

You may have read the recent news about one of the largest cyber attacks, the WannaCry Ransomware. This incident is a wake-up call to all organisations alike, requiring global responsibility and attention to prevent future episodes. We hope to shed light on the fundamentals of cyber security with this 8 part Edu-series to help you understand and protect your data.

Cyber attacks, unlike physical warfare, transcend national borders by compromising computer systems and networks. In this interconnected digital sphere, they threaten the very infrastructures that nations and corporations depend on. Data theft, manipulation of networks and disabling online platforms have amounted to considerable repercussions.

Undeniably, major cyber infringements demonstrate the vulnerability of all organizations’ systems. The growing trend of political cyber attacks has formed a new field of spying: cyber espionage – superpowers have engaged cyber software such as Stuxnet, Flame and DuQu, in an attempt to monitor, collect and control its target. Subscribe for more information!


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