Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) has been evolving over the years as many organisations seek to address the needs of various stakeholders. We can help you transform the way you do ERM.


Our Risk Advisory professionals can assist you in developing a risk management framework to enable your organisation to identify, mitigate and govern risks. We can support by providing guidance on specific elements of an existing risk framework (i.e. process, technology, governance, delivery model), or by providing you with a programme and a team to work with key stakeholders in your organisation to establish a new framework. Our experienced team can also provide support in the areas of compliance, regulatory, financial and operational risks discovery.

How can Deloitte help?

Work with us to review and update your exisiting ERM framework.

  • ERM framework
    We can review and update exisiting ERM frameworks to enable your organisation to stay updated with the key risks surrounding your organisation and to seize any opportunities available.


  • Privacy & Data Protection
    Organisations tend to lose sight of the importance of having good data management practices. We can help transform the way your organisation manages data while ensuring compliance with the different regulations.