Reputation Repair & Recovery

Rebuilding trust and confidence in the aftermath of a crisis involves developing and implementing a comprehensive stakeholder engagement strategy.


A carefully considered plan to rebuild trust and confidence will recommend a clear chronology of activities in the wake of a crisis.

The day after focuses on taking responsibility, giving the assurance that every effort is being made to determine the immediate cause of the event and providing a detailed account of the event.

The week after focuses on promoting an open discussion of issues relating to the event to demonstrate accountability, sincerity and transparency.

The month after focuses on achieving closure by keeping customers updated on efforts to establish the root cause of the event, providing access to investigation reports and reporting on the measures taken to prevent a recurrence.

How can Deloitte help?

Rebuild trust and confidence through a comprehensive stakeholder engagement strategy and a clear chronology of activities.

Understand customer sentiment by tracking movement and change in attitude. Just as important, recognise the impact on employee morale and your own organisational culture.

Enhance your ability to have a finger on the pulse through a trendwatch Dashboard to understand sentiment across your traditional, social media and customer relations channels to gauge the level of customer trust, and actual improvements to your organisation’s performance.

  • Strategy to rebuild trust and confidence:
    Work with us to build this strategy to deal with key risks that can quickly escalate into crises. The strategy will comprise elements critical to a public relations (PR) campaign, public outreach campaign, PR calendar, a day-week-month after the crisis chronology, metrics and analytics to gauge sentiment, and a trendwatch dashboard to provide situational awareness.