Risk Sensing

Many organisations do not have a structured framework and processes in place to help them meaningfully anticipate risks and opportunities on the horizon. We can help enhance your ability to anticipate future risks and opportunities in this VUCA environment.


Risk sensing will promote more connected thinking and connected reporting, enhancing the capacity of business leaders to anticipate future risks and opportunities in complex operating environments.

It will challenge business leaders to step beyond conventional wisdom and to appreciate that the future is not a straight-line projection from the present.

Risk sensing will also create deeper understanding of the interconnections between social, technological, economical, ecological and political factors, and stimulate greater institutional resilience as it helps organisations prepare for surprises by thinking through different scenarios.

How can Deloitte help?

Work with us to build a broader enterprise risk management (ERM) framework, understand risk sensing in the public and private sectors, conduct a scenario planning walkthrough, and implement risk sensing processes and technologies.

  • Scenario planning walkthrough
    We conduct a scenario planning exercise that typically comprises eight steps: Framing the challenge, information gathering (signals of change), identifying driving forces, defining critical uncertainties, developing a scenario matrix, developing scenario narratives, naming and validating scenarios, and identifying signposts.

    A scenario planning exercise will be a critical introduction to your organisation’s annual ERM and strategic planning processes. 
  • Governance, risk and compliance
    Strategic risk. Financial risk. Cyber security threats. Changing global regulations. Evolving governance landscapes. Governance, risk and compliance (GRC) services help clients focus not only on risks that can threaten value, but also the risks an enterprise can take to create value.