The future of operations – Beyond process automation

Bringing cognitive robotic intelligence into the workplace. A cognitive toolkit enabling organizations to advance their business operations.

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The journey toward establishing a solid Robotic and Cognitive Automation (R&CA) foundation can be a multi-faceted and unpredictable venture. To help companies harness the benefits these technologies offer, Deloitte Israel and NICE Advanced Process Automation Solutions joined together to create this implementation guide.

The paper provides a practical point of view on how to effectively leverage the growing trends of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and R&CA by answering questions like:

• What is Robotic & Cognitive Automation?
• Why should enterprises embrace R&CA and what value will be gained by embracing R&CA?
• How will R&CA influence the enterprise?
• How do enterprises work with R&CA and what are the next steps?

A simulated business case shows how a customer interfaces with robotic and cognitive technology and employee involvement during the process. See how R&CA can transform an organization’s processes one step at a time.

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