The Silver Avalanche

Are you prepared?

The Silver Avalanche is coming in Asia. It took the UK, US and France 45 years, 69 years and 115 years respectively to move from an ageing society to an aged society; but will take Singapore and China only 25 years to do so. By 2030, the elderly over 50 years of age will constitute 32% of the entire Asia-Pacific population but are expected to contribute 52% of the total Asia-Pacific consumer expenditure. China, Thailand, Singapore and South Korea are the nations that will have the most momentum of the silver avalanche. Whilst, the size of the silver economy is significant – roughly $26 Trillion in terms of accumulated wealth in 2018 – lack of homogeneity is the norm thus making strategic choices complicated for businesses.

Which sectors will have the most impact from the silver avalanche and in which nations? What should be the strategic choices and strategic plays for businesses to respond to this avalanche? What are the lessons learnt from entities who are making successful moves to capture the silver economy opportunity at this point of time? Above questions have been explored in this report titled: The Silver Avalanche – Are you prepared?

This report was developed for Singapore Summit and first published at the Singapore Summit 2019. Singapore Summit is one of the foremost events that brings together business and thought leaders from Asia and around the world to discuss global trends in business, finance and geopolitics.

The Silver Avalanche
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