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A global workforce with cross-border mobility is a necessity for many businesses. Mobility can be key to strategic plans and expansion for those operating in multiple geographies. Remote, cross-border workers can further complicate compliance. To get resources in the right places, organizations must be agile and coordinate quick, efficient international employee transfers and work visits. That requires compliant, cost-effective immigration programs that support business objectives and employee needs.

Deloitte works across all industries and at any scale—from organizations with just a handful of foreign national local hires to organizations with thousands of international assignees. Our immigration specialists, together with select alliances, work to help clients develop successful strategies to address immigration challenges worldwide. Our immigration compliance services help businesses and private clients complete work permits, business visas, employer sponsorships, and immigration applications. Our immigration advisory services professionals understand the requirements of regulatory authorities and can provide support in liaising with government agencies, audit, and right to work support. We design immigration programs that are human-centered, built on diversity and inclusion, and based in proactive compliance.

How Deloitte can help

Strategic services

  • Immigration lab. Using Deloitte’s immigration building block methodology, we will help design an immigration program that meets current and identified future needs.
  • Workforce planning. We can analyze specific geographic expansion plans, evaluate immigration needs, and design a supporting workforce program.
  • Compliance review. During periods of political uncertainty or impending immigration changes, our specialists can recommend changes that we understand will reflect compliance requirements.
  • Digital strategy. We will help create innovative solutions—such as video briefings, interactive videos, immigration assessments, and digital content delivery—to enhance employee and recruiter experience.
  • Compliance impact lab. This exercise evaluates how a significant change in a country’s political make-up or immigration rules may affect your organization and immigration compliance controls.
  • Immigration advisory services. We can offer immigration advice related to mergers and acquisitions, crisis management, and emergency planning and evacuation.
  • Global workforce lab. This lab seeks to answer strategic questions around the objectives and operational support of your mobile workforce.

Operational services

  • Immigration training. We can create country-specific training that covers immigration compliance and visa requirements, processing, timeframes, and cost.
  • On-site support. Our Deloitte resources can work as a part of your mobility/HR team to support program analysis, design, and implementation, or providing temporary support during a busy period or resource gap.
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA). We can help design and implement RPA technologies, for example, automating the immigration assessment process.
  • Procedure review audit. We can review your immigration and legal procedures, highlighting key gaps.
  • Multimedia communications. We can design and implement intuitive and engaging digital communications, for example, using gamification best practices.
  • Operations review. We can identify opportunities to enhance operations and look for ways to increase efficiency.
  • Immigration dashboards. Our specialists can design analytic dashboards to track immigration status and generate strategic workforce insights.
  • Document management. We can help with document management including legalization and attestation.
  • Compliance support. We can help obtain employment and business visas for employees of corporate and private clients, as well as permit renewals, cancellations, and de-registrations.

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