Value Driven Supply Chain powered by Blockchain and IoT


Value Driven Supply Chain powered by Blockchain and IoT: An Oracle Perspective

Enhancing supply chains with the transparency and security of distributed ledger technology

Blockchain and IoT technologies will digitize the next generation supply chain. This point of view combines Oracle’s product vision and Deloitte’s digital supply chain industry knowledge to showcase how these technologies can help companies innovate with agile, trusted, and transparent supply chains.

As the digital revolution takes shape, leading organizations will need to maintain competitive advantage through a focus on speed to market and the ability to rapidly navigate changing business environments. Ultimately, competitive advantage will come from an organization’s ability to optimize and drive value from its supply chain using technology. Moving a product from supplier to customer requires a cross organization chain of extensive coordination between human and mechanical inputs.

Global Supply chains are the subject of continued innovation to improve end-to-end visibility, product tracking, fraud, regulatory compliance, delivery speed, and settlements. The ability to capture, translate and interpret data through a cycle of physical inputs to digital analysis driving physical results has the potential to deliver tremendous value to the extended enterprise. The point of view has four dedicated focus areas. 

  • Impact on Enterprise 
  • Oracle Technology 
  • Supply Chain Use Cases 
  • Adaption Approach

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By addressing key challenges in traceability, compliance, flexibility, and stakeholder management across multiple industries, this point of view provides Fortune 2000 decision makers an increased understanding of how Blockchain and IoT can drive sustainable next generation value into their organizations supply chain.

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