Deloitte Pakistan is planning to bid for the Karachi Neighborhood Improvement Project for providing the Monitoring and Evaluation Services : The objective of this Consultancy is to assist KNIP (i) to track implementation progress, implementing agency performance and results, (ii) to enable them to track physical and financial progress of the Project. The Consultancy will enable monitoring activities and evaluating performance of the Project Activities during the project duration and provide the inputs for the Result Framework which includes Project Activity Indicator, Baseline Indicator, End-Target, Data Source/ Methodology and Responsibility for Data Collection .

Social Safeguards, Gender & Re-settlement Monitoring Specialist

Environment Health & Safety (EHS) Monitoring Specialist

Design, Engineering & Construction Monitoring Specialist

MIS and GIS Specialist

Environment Health & Safety (EHS) Monitoring Specialist

Communication Specialist

E-Government Specialist

Human Resource Development Specialist

MIS GIS Specialist

Municipal Finance Specialist

Municipal Law Specialist

Operation & Maintenance Engineer

Public Sector Reform Specialist

Private Participation/Public-Private Partnership Expert

Social Development Specialist

Organizational Development Specialist/TL

Training and Capacity Development Specialist

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