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Your Career as Deloitte Professional starts with extensive and structured training programs to transform talents into future leaders in professional services sector.

Please read following guidelines for online submission of your application.

Guideline for Online Form Submission
• Eligible candidates are required to apply only once.
• Falsification, incomplete or incorrectly filled forms, shall not be considered a valid application.
• The firm will not be liable to entertain non-receipt of communication by the applicant for any reason whatsoever.
• The photograph must be professional and not be older than six months.
• In case of any change in the information as provided in this form, please contact us at:

Instructions for Documents verification & submission for selected Interns & Trainees:

Only selected applicants are required to submit photocopies of the following documents as per schedule. Schedule will be communicated through email only.
• ICAP / ACCA Registration Card Copy
• Degree of B.Com / B.Sc. / B.A., etc.
• Mark/Grade Sheet(s) of the following:
• Matriculation / O-Level
• Intermediate / A-Level
• B.Com / B.Sc. / B.A. etc.
• Completion Certificate of PPT / MFC / PFC.
• All results sheets (must be submitted) including those of referrals and failures for ICAP trainees.
• In case of ACCA trainees, all result sheets and passing certificates for each attempt must be submitted.
• Evidence of extra courses included in the educational/professional qualifications.
• Certificates of any prizes/awards/scholarships claimed in past.
• Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) copy
• One Passport Size photograph with full name written on the back side.

Interview & Selection Notifications:
Final candidates will be shortlisted based on the following criteria: academic grades, professional papers completed and attempts, and the test scores. Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted via an email and / or a phone call.
Trainee Recruitment Form

Trainee Recruitment Eligibility Criteria

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Interview Tips

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Training Regulations and Guidelines



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