The Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct

Deloitte Yousuf Adil

This Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct expresses recognition of responsibilities of each person, to the public, clients, colleagues, and to the government. The Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct calls for a firm commitment to honorable behavior.

This code is not intended to create, nor does constitute a contract or an enforceable commitment of any kind with any entity. This code is prepared for determining the limits and responsibilities within the firm. Deloitte Yousuf Adil reserves the right to modify, revise, discontinue or amend any or all clauses of this code as it deems appropriate, at any time, wholly or partially, for any reason, and without prior notice, consent, or approval. Deloitte Yousuf Adil retains the absolute right to take disciplinary action against any of its personnel if found guilty of breach of conduct.

Professionals among us have to comply with additional requirements of certain professional Code of Conduct given their specializations and certifications (for instance ICAP, ICMAP etc.). All the Partners, Managers, Professional Staff, Students and Administrative Staff assume an obligation of self-discipline above and beyond the requirements of law and regulations.

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