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  Deloitte Pakistan

Deloitte Yousuf Adil, Chartered Accountant (Member Firm of DTTL) endeavors to attract and select best available talent for all available positions.

The Firm is committed to the principles of equal opportunity and non-discrimination. The Firm, in its hiring policies and practices, does not discriminate against any candidate because of religion, race, creed, color, national origin, gender, height, weight, marital status, or disability, except for the requisite professional qualifications.

      If you wish you seek a career with Deloitte Yousuf Adil, Chartered Accountants (Deloitte Pakistan) in any of the following services that we offer:

•  Audit & Assurance

•  Enterprise Risk Services & Assurance

•  Financial Advisory Services & Consulting

•  Forensic Services

•  Enterprise Risk Services & Consulting

•  Tax Advisory Services

•  Risk Management

•  Administrative & Support Services

•  Human Capital

•  Accounts & Finance

•  IT – Support Services






Deloitte Yousuf Adil employment is contingent upon the completion of a satisfactory background check, which includes but not restricted to, the verification of academic and professionals qualifications, reference checks and verification of past employment history. Any false statement, misrepresentation or omission of fact as to the education, prior employment, any other relevant information concerning the candidate’s / employee’s background, and information which discredits the candidate’s / employee’s integrity, will be the grounds for refusing employment or for terminating the employee without any notice pay, regardless of when the facts were discovered.

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