We help stressed companies fix gaps in their corporate performance. In case of a performance issue with a significant imminent impact on the business, the company needs to be rapidly and fully reset in order to close performance gaps versus competition. These gaps might include a continuous decrease in revenues, or an unacceptable imbalance between equity and liabilities. We address this situation with a turnaround programme. When a company is facing financial problems, whether it concerns cash flow shortfall, falling sales, excessive debt or other aspects, the company needs to be rescued by bringing stability rapidly. This will be followed by radical decisions on the health of the company’s future core activities, its business and operating model, financing structure and ownership. This distressed situation is solved through a restructuring programme. Our teams work with you to rapidly diagnose the problem, identify immediate stabilising activities and improve your operations and performance, together with delivering solutions designed to build a platform for swift recovery and sustained success.With a far reaching global network of member firms, extensive industry sector knowledge and outstanding credentials, Deloitte’s specialists bring to the table international reach and local market insight, combined with market-leading restructuring experience.

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 Abdul Rab

Abdul Rab


Mr. Abdul has diversified experience in carrying out due diligence reviews, corporate finance advisories, mergers & acquisitions, valuations and various consultancies. He has handled various due dilig... More