Sindh and Punjab Budgets

Commentary 2017-18

The Minister for Finance, Government of Punjab, presented the 2017-18 Budget on June 2, 2017. Whereas the Chief Minister Sindh, presented the provincial Budget 2017-18 of Sindh on June 5, 2017. We are pleased to provide our commentary on the significant amendments proposed in provincial sales tax laws of both the provinces as well as on the changes proposed in the Stamp Duty Act, 1899 by the provincial Government of Punjab.

Commentary on the Provincial Budgets 2017-18

The amendments proposed in the Bills once approved by the provincial assemblies of Punjab and Sindh shall take effect from July 01, 2017 unless otherwise notified. It should be noted that the commentary is our interpretation of the changes proposed in the provincial Finance Bills, 2017. As the proposals are yet to be enacted, and the legislations to enact the proposals are yet to be published, our comments in this commentary should not be considered definitive and should, therefore, be used only as a guide.

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