Deloitte's Tax & Legal digital ecosystem

myInsight is Deloitte's Tax & Legal digital ecosystem, a secure online customizable hub which:

  • Simplifies navigation into and between project data, materials, knowledge, and technology products
  • Facilitates efficient collaboration and document sharing across projects, processes, business units, and jurisdictions
  • Visualizes essential information via a personalized dashboard and enhances workflow management to maintain control over deadlines, status, and reporting.

Use myInsight to:

  • Enhance coordination between your colleagues and Deloitte teams
  • Improve global visibility of tax and legal obligations and deliverables
  • Integrate and unify management of knowledge, documents, advisory projects, and compliance tracking

A singular point of access to your Deloitte Tax & Legal products and solutions enables:

  • Streamlined any time, anywhere retrieval of the information needed to complete your tasks and stay informed
  • Improved reaction and response to scrutiny from regulatory authorities and the media
  • Enhanced visibility and transparency which leads to a greater sense of confidence and control
  • Personalized interactions via a flexible, customizable tile-based user interface